DJ Jonake – nattens drottning!


Jonake startade sin karriär 1994 när hon började arbeta på NRJ radiostation. Som DJ spelar hon allt från 70-tal till dagens nyare musik. Helt enkelt det Ni önskar för att göra festen lyckad. Företag och privata fester och även alla ndra slags gig som invigningar, lanseringar, personalkväll, Ladies Night etc.  Är inte credig utan det primära är att Ni har kul! Tillsammans gör vi festen.


Dreamell got into music in 1994 when she began working on the radio station NRJ Sweden.
She there traded her vocal skills, recording radiospots, for the ability to stay late and learn
how to DJ in their studio. She then went to the clubs and asked the resident DJś to let her do
a livemix. And there is where it all started.
Today, Dreamell is one of the most booked DJś and has played at a variety of clubs; Berns
and Sturecompagniet in Stockholm, Dundret in Gällivare, Palace in Kalmar and the cruise
ships Cinderella, Galaxy and Birka. She has been resident at clubs like Patricia, Karlsson &
Co, Le Bon Palais, Imperiet, King Kong, Mr Voon, Miss Voon, and Golden Hits and played at
big venues like The Nobel Banquet 2017, The Riders Award, The Hairdresser of the Year
Awards, Mercedes Benz, Siemens amongst others. She is a routined DJ who always keeps
upfront and varied with her music selection and can skillfully blend into different genres if the
crowd demands. With her energy, charm and skills, she takes the dancefloor to a new high