DJ Elle Rüx

I was born in Sweden, Stockholm. Rhythm, lyrics and beats were running in my blood since i took my first breath. My biggest passion in life was, and still are music so I can honestly say I’ve been breathing, eating, sleeping and dreaming music all my life.

I am educated in music and dance from the reputable school ”Kulturama” in Stockholm. Ever since then I have been working as an artist and been involved in many different projects such as pop-groups, dj-duo, studio recordings, live performances, backing vocals, songwriting collaboration and so on.

In february this year we released our debut album ”Because I am” with the swedish pop-group ”Sister Love”.

Im excited that my journey as a solo artist and dj has run quickly forward. I have a certificate from Swedens top dj-school ”Select Dj Academy” in Stockholm.

Videoklipp med DJ Elle&Bee

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