DJ Denise Lopez

Denise Lopez has been a DJ for more than 15 years and has also a successful career as a performing artist under her artist name DeDe . With more then 500 000 albums sold. She has worked with prominent producers such as Max Martin, Anders Bagge, Andreas Carlsson, Per Magnusson, David Kreuger and Pras Michel (Fugees) among others. Some years back she was the only Swedish supporting act for Michael Jackson in Gothenburg. She has also sold out Tokyo Dome twice!

Dj References: Postkodlotteriet, Mobilop. 3, Telenor, Lensway, Michael Kors, Lensway, Specsavers, Klarsynt, Carlsberg, Eon, Storsjöyran, World Class, Clarion Gillet, Mi Lajki, Swedish Grand Prix, Rebecus, Berns, Café Opera, Collage, Harem Nights/Hamburger Börs) and the best clubs around Sweden.

Earlier resident Dj  at Hells Kitchen, PURE, Spy Bar and Stacys among others.

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